MOWI salmon hatchery

Flocell Bio Media used by state of the art RAS Hatchery in Scotland

Evolution Aqua K1 Media used by state of the art RAS Hatchery in Scotland

Flocell part of the Evolution Aqua Group supplied 850m3 of BM-1 Media to IAT (International Aqua Tech), process engineers, who have done all the aquacultural engineering for MOWI salmon hatchery, at Inchmore, Glenmoriston.

The 13,500-sq.m. hatchery uses one of the most technically advanced water recirculating systems.

Flocell BM-1 Media was specified for this project by IAT because of its high surface area (total surface area 950m2 per m3. Protected surface area 500m2 per m3).

“All the material was delivered on time to the agreed schedule and was consistent in quality. We look forward to working with Flocell on future projects”. (Steve Dalton, IAT)

Flocell BM-1 Media Technology

Moving bed media has many advantages over traditional static bed filters including a huge surface area which is always exposed to maximum oxygen and food for the bacteria, self-cleaning media as it tumbles, and the world-famous protected surface area, enabling bacteria and higher organisms to dwell in their preferred location inside the media, exposed to oxygen and food, but safe from harmful cleaning practices.

Media Designed and manufactured in the UK

Flocell is a British Manufacturing company that has been providing commercial filtration solutions and media for 20 years. Specialists in open-cell media, Flocell can provide stock or bespoke open-cell media designs for both moving bed and static bed media reactors.