Flocell XFM Fines Filter

Flocell XFM Fines Filter

Fine water filtration systems with patented Air Clean Technology. High-efficiency filtration with no required maintenance. Flocell XFM Fines Filters are a range of pressurised filtration systems optimised specifically for use with Flocell XFM Fines Media. Both the media and filters are designed and manufactured exclusively by us in the UK.

The open cell design removes problems associated with prolonged backwash cycles and hydraulic loss. Numerous applications are possible across a broad spectrum of industry segments. Manufactured entirely in the UK. The range is available in 2 different sizes: 900mm (36″) and 1200mm (48″) diameter.

Designed and manufactured to exacting standards to deliver reliable and economical performance in a wide variety of applications for example Post Bio-Filter, Back-End Polishing, Pre-sicharge, Continouse Fish Tank Water Maintenance, Integrated solutions post DAF / Lamella separators, and Post flocculation.

  • XFM Fines Media – Effective, efficient filtration down to less than 5 µm.
  • Limited Water Usage – Air Clean Technology minimises water usage.
  • High Retention Capacity – Vastly superior retention capacity compared to traditional media filters.
  • No Maintenance Required – Maintenance-free operation drives lower operating costs.
  • Low Power Usage – No high-power pumps needed, improving energy efficiency.
  • Easy to Integrate – Designed to be modular and can operate within a wide variety of flow rates.


Effective & Sustainable
Filtration Systems

Millions of carrier elements act like lamella separators reducing water velocity and allowing for the smallest particles to separate out into the media voids. The uninterrupted flow allows for constant and prolonged settlement within the filter pack. The Flocell open cell media allow for high retention capacity so you only need to clean the filter once a month in most applications and save energy because only a small pump is needed or no pump at all on a gravity set-up.


Air Clean Technology

Flocell filters with Air Clean Technology use air rather than wasting water during a traditional backwash cycle. The short air cleaning cycle is done by introducing air into the filter using a low-energy blower or with our patented siphon solution, depending on the application, to agitate the media pack and purge the contained solids. The open cell structure of the Flocell media enables high-retention capacity for extended periods of operation without interruption needed for cleaning. Using air reduces the energy needed and the vast amount of water wasted during cleaning; only the single volume of the filter is discharged and produces a highly concentrated and manageable effluent that infrequently needs to be purged. With Flocell Air Clean Technology, the water and power savings are significant and operation virtually maintenance-free.


XFM Media

Flocell XFM Fines Media has been specifically engineered to optimise the mechanical filtration performance of Flocell XFM Fines Filters. This patented filter media features a unique shape and profile that includes a series of fins around the outer surface to capture fines.


Independently Tested

Flocell open cell media has been independently tested by the IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Technique Séparatives) in France and Cranfield University to offer vastly superior performance in terms of retention capacity, retention efficiency, energy consumption and power use.


Model Diameter (Including Lid)Height FiltrationArea XFM Media(included) Optimal Flow Rate Max WaterTemp Max AmbientTemp Max OperationPressure ConnectionSize
Flocell XFM FinesFilter 900 900mm(36”) 1205mm 0.64m2 250 litres 16m3/hr 40°C 50°C 2.0 Bar 63mm (2.5”)
Flocell XFM FinesFilter 1200 1200mm(48”) 2093mm 1.13m2 1200 litres 20m3/hr 40°C 50°C 2.0 Bar 90mm (3”)

Model: Flocell XFM Fines Filter 900

Diameter: 900mm (36″)
Height (Including Lid): 1205mm
Filtration Area: 0.64m2
XFM Media Included: 250 litres
Max Flow Rate: 32m3/hr
Max Water Temperature: 40ºC
Max Ambient Temperature: 50ºC
Max Operation Pressure: 2 Bar
Connection Size: 63mm

Model: Flocell XFM Fines Filter 1200

Diameter: 1200mm (48″)
Height (Including Lid): 2093mm
Filtration Area: 1.12m2
XFM Media Included: 1200 litres
Max Flow Rate: 56m3/hr
Max Water Temperature: 40ºC
Max Ambient Temperature: 50ºC
Max Operation Pressure: 2 Bar
Connection Size: 90mm

Flocell Product Brochure
Test Report - IFTs
Test Report - Cranfield
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