Flocell XFM Fines Filter

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Fine water filtration systems with patented Air Clean Technology. High-efficiency filtration with no required maintenance. Flocell XFM Fines Filters are a range of pressurised filtration systems optimised specifically for use with Flocell XFM Fines Media. Both the media and filters are designed and manufactured exclusively by us in the UK. The open cell design removes problems associated with prolonged backwash cycles and hydraulic loss. Numerous applications are possible across a broad spectrum of industry segments. Manufactured entirely in the UK. The range is available in 2 different sizes: 900mm (36″) and 1200mm (48″) diameter. Designed and manufactured to exacting standards to deliver reliable and economical performance in a wide variety of applications for example Post Bio-Filter, Back-End Polishing, Pre-sicharge, Continouse Fish Tank Water Maintenance, Integrated solutions post DAF / Lamella separators, and Post flocculation.


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