What’s behind Flocell Filtration Technology?

Flocell XFM Filters offers an exciting and ground-breaking solution for fine particle filtration. The ability to operate at retention capacity over 100 times that of competing systems whilst functioning with no hydraulic head loss is completely unique.

XFM Filters work effectively under gravity if necessary and the associated costs with power use are dramatically reduced. With cleaning being carried out using air not back wash water, XFM filter technology is able to save water too.

The flexibility of XFM filters will ensure that even under very high solids loading rates, filtration can occur which reduces the stress on other operational systems, reduces downtime and increases margin.

Most Cost-Effective Solution for Fine Particle Filtration

Many years of intensive research and development have led to the creation of Flocell XFM Fines Media, which is capable of capturing particles as small as 1µm.

Single-pass applications, can retain 100% of suspended solids at 20µm.

At 20µm, XFM filters offer 100% efficiency. Filtration Efficiency vs. Particle Size (Independently tested by the IFTS).


Air Clean Technology

Flocell filters with Air Clean Technology use air to clean rather than using a traditional backwash cycle which wastes large volumes of water. We designed filtration solutions that clean enclosed media using only the water contained within the filter.

The short air cleaning cycle is implemented by introducing air into the filter with the included low-energy blower (or with our patented siphon solution, depending on the application) to agitate the filter pack and dislodge the contained solids.

Using air reduces the energy needed and minimises the large quantity of water lost during cleaning. When cleaning, only the single volume of the filter is discharged as a highly concentrated and manageable effluent.

Flocell XFM media has been independently tested by the IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Technique Séparatives) in France and Cranfield University to offer vastly superior performance in terms of retention capacity, retention efficiency, energy consumption and power use.

With Flocell Air Clean Technology, the water and energy savings are significant and operation is virtually maintenance-free.