Filters for Diverse


Flocell XFM Fines Filters have been designed to be modular and conform with any flow rate required, making them suitable for a variety of applications.


Fish Rearing Tanks

When used to constantly filter a body of water, XFM Fines Filters can be operated at higher flows to maintain optimal water quality.

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Used after commercial lamella separators, often under gravity flow to provide flexibility under varying flow conditions and enhance final water quality before discharge to receiving watercourse.
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Dissolved Air Flotation

As a supplement to polish effluent from DAF units where improved performance is required.
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Submerged Aerated Filter

Normally installed as a final stage post clarifier to enhance quality of final effluent.
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Capture of bacterial floc solids as they leave MBBR to take pressure off other downstream systems.
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Rotating Drum Filters

Can be used either before or after RBCs to enhance performance as well as being used to receive backwash water.

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Tertiary Settlement– IFAS

Polishing of tertiary / final settlement tank water to reduce sludge buildup and provide quality improvements for final effluent.
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Application of Flocell XFM Filters

Discover the versatile applications of Flocell XFM Filters in Aquaculture Tank Maintenance.